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Spam Protection

Spam Protection
  • Symantec Email Security.cloud delivers always-on, inbound and outbound messaging security, with effective and accurate anti-spam, content filtering, and email encryption services from a cloud platform.
  • Provides 100 percent protection against known and unknown email viruses and have a 99 percent spam capture rate.
  • Protects organizations from email borne viruses, spam, phishing, targeted attacks and bulk email, all while reducing the complexities of on-site technology.
  • Email spam is prevented from reaching your network and employee productivity is  improved by virtually eliminating the need to read and delete unsolicited messages
  • As a cloud-based service you are not required to purchase additional expensive software or hardware, you do not have to worry about maintenance or updates. Nor are you required to make any changes to your existing mail server. Symantec.cloud takes care of all of this for you and most importantly it does so away from your network, ensuring only clean mail is passed on your mail servers.
  • All Symantec.cloud services are based on per user, per month subscription, plus a one-off minimal set-up fee.

Spam protection

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