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With over a decade of experience behind us, Ctec has rapidly developed a strong presence as an IT consultancy in Ireland, with clients coming to us for cost-effective solutions including installation of computer networking, troubleshooting and diagnostics, plus computer maintenance that includes virus removal and protection, backup and disaster recovery, even hardware repairs and upgrades. At Ctec we aim to resolve any computer related issue whether you’re a home user or struggling to maintain a complex office network.

A fully staffed IT department can be costly to maintain, with many small to medium businesses unable to justify the expense. Not having an IT department doesn’t mean you don’t get computer problems however, and Ctec offers expert computer maintenance on a contracted or purely ad hoc basis that proves extremely cost-effective. Choose Ctec IT consultancy in Ireland where we offer on- and off-site diagnostic services, with our remote desktop facility addressing issues quickly and effectively.

When you need a computer system that delivers 24/7, you need Ctec as your IT partner – ensuring your computer networking, hardware and software is all running exactly how it should, and reacting quickly in the case of unexpected downtime to get your systems back online.

With increased use of technology comes a greater need for reliability and reduced downtime, so talk to Ctec today about computer maintenance packages and see what we can do for your systems and computer networking, using the latest techniques in diagnostics and optimisation.

Visit our contact page today and speak to our technicians about your computer maintenance, installations or disaster recovery requirements. We will be happy to assist.